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Indulge Yourself: Handmade Soaps!

SPOTLIGHT: New Hope Candles

Have you ever found yourself in a resplendent milieu, surrounded by a myriad of playful colors that just seem to satiate your retina in an inexplicable manner?  Or a place where you find yourself overwhelmed by the varied spectrum of bright, light and subtle colors that seem to bring you back to a nostalgic era, reminding you of the puerile days of childhood?

This weekend I decided to stroll down to the Sugar Plum Fall Market in Stafford, Texas, and I have to admit I found myself dazzled by the colorful, and striking crafts I found, and the variety of independent vendors who were a part of this ephemeral event.  I was surprised I had not heard of this annual event until this year; nonetheless, it is most certainly recommended for anyone who may be visiting Houston during November.


A strikingly and thoughtfully ornated sample of soaps (heaven scent, cucumber-melon, love spell, mango papaya, sweet pea, oakmoss, and cool water) for $10.


The variety of colors make the soaps look absolutely phantasmagoric or just simply deliciously edible, agree?:)  Love spell? Yes sir!


Hand-made soaps is an artistry that speaks for itself!  Certainly an unprecedented method of defining art.


Feliz Navidad! Get ready for the festivities, and enjoy observing the wild patterns that just seem out of this world!


Definitely one of my favorite photos, there is just something so comforting and pleasing about this bar of soap. It almost looks like a gummy bear got stuck and didn’t want to come out. Just want to take a bite out of it! YUM!


Have a laugh! Guess what?  Its an air-freshner for your car.  By the way, does not actually smell like monkey farts, indeed, a creative way of naming their unique and redolent scents.


Business: New Hope Candles

Where can you find them? 145 Oyster Creek Dr. Ste 12, Lake Jackson, TX,77566


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